07 Dec What’s in your camera bag? Pro photographers share their favorite gear

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Photography is all about the art of creating images, but without the right gear you might miss that decisive moment or fail to capture it all.

 Depending on what you like to photograph, you’ll need different types of equipment. Food photography can demand a macro lens, a fast prime is crucial for street photography, long lenses for birding and a waterproof camera housing to capture critters in the sea. And we haven’t even gotten to lighting and camera support systems.

Of course, gear is only a tiny sliver of the photographic process. To take great images you’ll also need an artistic vision, a decent chunk of knowhow and the willingness to experiment. 

With all of that in mind we went to a few pro photographers from around the world to see what they pack in their bags for their wild and adventurous shoots, as well as any lessons and stories we could glean from them.

2016 has been a busy year for cameras but these are the best onesTell us about yourself

Hi, I’m David Newton, a UK-based professional photo/videographer. I’ve been shooting professionally since 2005. I’m a SanDisk Extreme Team Member, Manfrotto Ambassador, Lee Filters advocate and Koy Lab Ambassador.

What do you like to shoot?

I shoot a whole variety of subjects, it really depends on what day it is and where I am. I guess I tend to gravitate more to travel and landscape but wildlife, sport, portrait, street, commercial and studio are all things I find interesting and…

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