15 Sep What We Do In The Shadows

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Watch this movie first, read this blog post later.

Since you still clicked on “continue reading” be my guest and watch the movie after you have read this article. But you should watch it, seriously. The title of this blog post should of course read “What we do with the shadows” and it deals with dynamic range.

First we, the consumers, cried for resolution. The camera makers listened and we got lot’s of resolution even in small sensors. Then we cried for high ISO and we got that too in spades. Now everybody seems to ask for more dynamic range.

But unlike high resolution and good high ISO performance this high dynamic range of the newest sensors is a dangerous thing and here is why. Photography is not to capture what we see the way we see it. It is to capture a scene how the photographer sees it. Or interprets it. That is a huge difference.

Many years back (before January 2002) I was shooting film. Mostly Fujis Velvia 50. A 50 ASA slide film that was only 40 ASA or ISO 40 in the real world and had a dynamic range of about 5 stops. 5 Stops! Even my iPhone has more than that. So how come that we are all mad about high dynamic today? Here is my theory.

Today we have more money than time and we…

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