05 Dec What to shoot?

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

I guess this is a pretty popular question. Especially after one gets  his hands on his dream camera and lens set-up. What to shoot? 

Where to shoot? When to shoot? How to shoot? etc

  This boils down to training one’s eyes to see. Sometime I would ask  myself why I didn’t see it when I was at the park last week? Or I didn’t notice this cool area along the street. Training one eyes to see is a life long journey. From a newbie to a working professional; one should continue to hone this process of seeing beyond and freeze the frame in this wonderful journey call Photography. Sometime the scene  presents itself and we need to be ready, very ready. Other times its about waiting for the moment to come. The toughest place to shoot are the places that you are familiar with. This same place will be your best place to challenge yourself. Its  always easy to travel to a new place or destination to capture a new environment. Not that traveling is a bad thing. Its a privilege.   So what is there to shoot in a familiar environment? Nothing. I would  like to encourage fellow photographers work on a theme. This is  nothing new but it help us to focus on what we need to shoot. For a start, try shooting a series with 6-10 shots. Below are a series I put together. Its call 1,2,3 and many.   Basically I would like to encourage all to shoot base on the theme 1.  All things one. For my case its a single human elements. Same for 2, 3 and many. For “many” is

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