07 Dec What to expect from Fujifilm X-Pro3

Source: Sebastian Boatca

I am really interested in the future Fujifilm X-Pro3, as I had the X-Pro1 and now, I happily use the X-Pro2. We all have specific reasons to love the X-Pro series and I think the X-Pro3 would be an interesting topic to discuss, too.

Looking at the launching dates of X-Pro1 and X-Pro2, compared to the dates when X-T1 and X-T2 were launched, I hoped I could see a pattern in Fujifilm’s calendar;  where X-Pro series presents us technical improvements that will follow on the X-T series. But with the rumoured X-T3 launching date for September 2018 and no consistent info on the upcoming X-Pro3, this pattern isn’t valid any longer. We’ll have, this time, the X-T3 before the X-Pro3, that we almost know nothing about. It seems the market trends and the competition can dictate changes in the calendar pattern I was talking about.

I invite you to share your impressions on the X-Pro3; what would you like to see on this future model? When do you think it will be announced?

So far, I could only speculate that X-Pro3 will get the improvements (which are rumoured and confirmed) to be implemented within the upcoming X-T3:

1. New X PRO Processor. A new, faster one, or we could speculate the presence of 2 X Pro Processors, to cope with the new performance requirements;

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