19 Mar What Lies Behind : Photographic Insights – Volume Four

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

Camera INFO:  Fujifilm X100F | f/8 | 1/600th | ISO 200

Let’s talk for a minute about being prepared, both mentally and physically, when we are out shooting on the streets.

My approach to street photography is usually more methodical than reactive, working to build an image in layers with deliberate consideration.  It starts by finding something that could be the foundation for a compelling photo, such as an interesting framing element, a unique perspective, beautiful light, or perhaps strong colours.  I will then work the scene for a few minutes, trying different compositions, until all of the static elements in the photograph are arranged the way I want them.  Some photos are done at this point, but often I will then wait for the right dynamic element (usually a person) to enter my frame to complete the image.  This is a very mindful, zen like process that I enjoy immensely.

The danger in this methodical approach, however, is that we may not see or be prepared for any spontaneous photo opportunities that present themselves.  There is a very real risk of “tuning out” while walking through the streets of a city, only re-engaging our creative eye when we spot our next scene, which could lead to us missing wonderful moments.  Always seeing, and always being prepared to react, allows us to avoid this…

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