03 Apr What is a great image?

Source: Olafs Photoblog

“Just what is a great photo?” It’s one of the most common and most fascinating questions I have received.

Despite certain predispositions and preconceived ideas I decided to write down my personal definition of a great photo. As such it will be my own journey through a great image – a sort of emotional map of how I view others’ great work. Let’s begin.


The invitation is there. As I am scrolling through a multitude of images I suddenly stop. I don’t know why just yet, but I pause. The invitation is there. What is the trigger? Is it the lure of light or colour? Is it the perspective or subject that stops me scrolling? I have to pause as if it was the last image ever taken on this planet and the birth of something new.

I know from the start it will not be a fleeting encounter. This visual invitation requires me to pause my life. No more talking, scrolling or double-tasking. I am all in – even though it doesn’t fit the purpose of this moment. I close my eyes to see more.  

Then I feel tension. Wait a minute! You invited me with this element of seeing, only to ask me to dive deeper, to search and make a connection. Here it is. It’s another visual hint, a leading line or traces of light, or it’s form or shape that leads my eye, not permitting a moment of lassitude. Should I go there? …

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