16 Feb What Action Cameras Are Good For Street Photography Vlogging?

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NOTE: This is a Guest Blog post written by Lewis Thomas exclusively for www.streethunters.net.

If you’re reading this you’re definitely going to be familiar with the concept of blogging. But not as many people are familiar with vlogging. This is essentially a video based version of blogging which allows you to present your ideas and opinions about street photography straight to camera and reach you viewers directly. You can see several examples of vlogging on the streethunters.net YouTube channel with both the Street Talk series and the Street Hunts shot directly from the street photographer’s perspective.


Of course, once you’ve started to take an interest in watching or producing Street Photography vlogs, you’ll open a door to a whole new world of content! Other types of popular vlogs include Yoga Vloggers, Mum Vloggers, Parkour Vloggers, Car Vloggers, Bike Vloggers. It’s amazing how quickly a huge variety of people with different interests, hobbies and specialisms have transitioned into this new and exciting medium.

If you like the idea of vlogging, you may well be interested in how you can go about making your own street photography vlogs to document your experience of shooting photos out on the streets. This can be quite challenging though, as it does require some specialist equipment to get the very best results. Fortunutely, several street photographers out there (including the streethunters.net team) have already mastered a useful technique to record point of view street hunts.


The main method of achieving this point of view effect is by adding an action camera to the hot shoe of your camera. This is easily done by buying a hot shoe mount adapter that can be attached to a GoPro action cam for example. Below we have listed three examples of the best action cameras that are great for

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