10 Aug Wex Part-ex Stories: From Canon to Fuji

In the latest Wex Part-ex story, one photographer jumps to a new system.

“My initial impressions of the XT-1 are all positive. The build and weight are a huge improvement on my DSLRs and I really appreciate that almost all parameters can be set and checked without the need to switch the camera on.”

“The 18-135mm lens covers 95% of my needs and, with the vertical grip attached, the camera is nicely balanced. Access to less-used functions will be easy, once I have memorised the positions of all the function buttons. I have read very positive reports of the weather resistance which have given me the confidence to take the camera with me whatever the forecast.”

“The adjustable screen is a bonus but ideally I would prefer one that could be folded inside out, so that the screen is covered when not required.”