02 Oct We’ve Passed a Tipping Point

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

I’ll start this week’s post with a thought that popped into my head earlier today and refuses to be ignored. At some time in the past few years I think we’ve passed a tipping point.  Photo editing skills have now become more important than your skill with a camera. I do think the camera and lenses are important, but the ability to take a well composed and reasonably exposed shot has become the expectation. Here’s an image that I like and which doesn’t have much editing, but I imagine it would be ignored on social media.

A foggy day on the mountains of the Lake District. Fuji X-T3 with Fuji 16-80 lens at 16mm. Handheld exposure of 1/60” at ISO160 and f/11.0.

The images that now seem to wow us are the ones that never existed. They are the ones that someone has created through their skills with photo editing software. This becomes very apparent when you see some of the “starting images” of what you think are amazing shots. The starting point for many of these images often look dreadful. It’s only when we learn how to process these images well that we achieve a good image. Processing has become more important than photography.

But this trend isn’t just about processing. There’s something else that can make the difference and all great photographers have. It’s what makes these “new” images so

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