02 Jul Wedding with X100F?

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

I have always love attending weddings. A time to
to witness the union of two individuals in love with
one another. Their vows may be strings with words
but I could feel its written with their hearts.This
heartfelt tent theme wedding is held along the lovely
lawn outside Fort Canning Hotel, which is perch on
a hill.
I also had a great time catching up old friends and
making new ones. For this happy occasion, I brought
along my silver X100F. Don’t you think it will match
the whole wedding environment. As a guest I had
some opportunity to take the X100F for some wedding
shots together with its 2 other convertor lenses.
I am no wedding photographer but I ask myself if I were
to be thrown into that position; could I survive a wedding
with just the X100F? X100F may not the the number
choice for professional wedding camera but with some
good practice I don’t see why. Maybe a X-Pro2 and a
X100F will be a great working duo for a wedding set-up.
Plus you’ll definitely look really chic with these 2 cameras
at the wedding.

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