17 Oct Wedding Photography WYSIWYG

WYSIWYG with Fuji

I have been contacted by a Photographer enthusiast who has been reading my articles about wedding photography tips, also my thoughts on the Fuji X range of mirrorless cameras and using the Xpro2 and X-T2 at weddings.

The enthusiast was particularly interested in my settings and how good the WYSIWYG when using the EVF and how good is the camera for backlit photos?

This question brought to mind that I should write a short article about how I use the Xpro2 as a wedding photographer.

I have mentioned many times through my personal blogs about my style of wedding photography however for those of you who haven’t read any of my blogs before, i’ll try and give you a little information about me.

I initially started my journey shadowing my Uncle who was a well known wedding Photographer in London in the 60s/70s, his skill and passion for photography was passed onto me, just as any photographer, I eventually took to my own style, which is very much reportage, I personally feel that real passionate photographers, in some way transmit their passion onto the sensor, I really do believe that somehow the desire of the photographer impacts on the finished image, I’m not talking about the technical skills but purely the feelings that the photographer had just before the shutter was released.

One tip I have never forgotten was something my uncle told me when I was about 15yrs of age and this was…’when you notice something you that you wish to photograph…