30 Jul Wedding Photography with Fuji X-Pro2

Source: Fuji Love

After over 20 years documenting wedding’s its quite natural to understand the process, although you would think that each wedding is the same, believe it or not; I still get butterflies the week before, its a good thing (I keep telling myself) because just as an actor gets nervous before going on stage, it ensures that I never take this responsibility lightly, after all its my clients special day and I have to be, want to be on the ball!

If you have read my other blogs with regards to my personal experiences using the Xpro2, you would know that I’m a full time wedding (Professional) photographer, I use the term professional in the correct sense as its my only profession, unfortunately these days the term is used very lightly however I personally feel that photography is an ongoing journey always learning and finding new and interesting ways to capture light.

The wedding I’m going to be taking you through is a wedding I photographed in Bath on the 2nd of May this year, I’ll provide a brief explanation with regards to the finer details about the wedding, how I go about shooting a wedding and then let the images say the rest about this fantastic camera.

I arrived at the venue at 13.00 pm, this was the time the Bride had requested, sometimes I find myself arriving earlier but usually two hours before the ceremony (for me personally) to document some of the preparations, the dress,

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