21 Feb wedding gowns – William Chua

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Thanks to Fujifilm Singapore, I was able to test out the new Fujifilm GFX camera a few months ago.

As a wedding photographer, I would like to see how the camera performs in situations when I am doing a prewedding shoot.

I was not disappointed.
As always, Fujifilm Cameras have always been great with the color rendition
Also, for the x series users, using the GFX is a breeze, most of the controls are very similar
I used to use medium format film in the past, with the mamiya 7II and the fuji G617 cameras.. and have always been impressed with the images they produced.
And now I am so happy that I can see that kind of quality in the GFX if not better..
Details , clarity and resolution of the images are great !
It handles the shadows and highlights really well..
The camera is not heavy as well… it is a camera that I can use for a full day shoot.

Would I use the camera for my wedding jobs ? Definitely !

Here are some images taken with the camera..
All were edited in jpg, as the raw files are not readable yet.

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