08 May Watermarks

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This is my personal view, everyone has their own opinion about watermarks and at one time I used to have a little white watermark on my own images.

The reason I had a watermark was mainly because I was led to believe I needed one !

The reason given was that if my image was stolen people would know it was mine, people would know whose the image was no matter where it was posted. I was told  I needed it for copyright reasons and the reasons went on and on, so I started to watermark images.

I then had an image stolen that had been watermarked and the watermark was removed by the thief. I did an image search to see who had used it and there were 34,000+ usages around the world !

The interesting thing was it was not my watermark, it was a stock sites. I contacted the agency and they basically said we don’t have time to go after every image theft it would cost a fortune. This bugged me at first so then I looked who had taken the image and then I got the message. It had been used all over the world on thousands of sites. Just the research to see who had it took me a few hours, imagine the time it would take to try and get people to pay up.

I decided I agreed with the stock site and removed my own watermarks the very next day

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