29 Mar Washed up – Adrian Lander

Source: Fujifeed

Adrian Lander is an advertising photographer, based in Australia. He has a definitive quirky style in his personal work which influences his commercial work.

Where were you born & where do you live now?

I was born near Brighton in the UK, 1970. I have been living in Melbourne and Sydney since 1994 when I came to Australia on a working holiday visa with my now wife who was Australian.

Does your location influence your photography?

I certainly think that were I live and work influences my outlook on the world and therefore my photography. I live in inner city Melbourne which is pretty vibrate and lots going on –  music, street art, galleries and restaurants. Im also fortunate that my work takes me around the country.

How did you had the idea of this series?

I was travelling through Vietnam with my family in January and I was looking for a series or two to shoot while I was there. We were in an area called Doc Let beach in Central Vietnam. On a morning walk along the beach there was a lot of debris washed up – plastic bottles, bags, fishing nets, deflated inflatables and along a 50 meters stretch clothes. I always carry my camera so I started taking photos and over the next few days more and more clothes started appearing …

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