28 May Walking the X-Pro 2 Pt II- it’s getting under my skin

Ute, Rawene, early am Fujifilm X-Pro 2, 16-55/2.8 LM WR ISO 400, 1/850s @ f8

Tena koe:

It has been a while since I had a camera that got under my skin in the way that this one has.

I have, over the years, handled more than my fair share. Some I hated from Minute One. Others I put up with, because they did what they were required to do. You couldn’t fault the Mamiya RZ 67. It was brilliant at what it did (studio photography), but it wasn’t lovable. It was too clunky for that. It was a grudging friendship perhaps. But very, very few ticked all the boxes, with regards to EQ and IQ. I know that a weekend with a Leica M6 left me hungry for one in my camera bag. I know that I wept when my Sony Alpha 900 finally succumbed to overuse. And I really loved my Canon 1DS Mk III, even though it was a brick, could never focus consistently, and chewed shutters on a regular basis. Sometimes the love affair is such that you hung on in there for the kids’ sake, even when you knew it was time to move on. These days I step right back from the argument about what is the best camera. When a passionate photographer tells me that life begins and ends with an Oly, or a Panasonic or a Pentax and then proceeds to attempt to convert me, in the same way I am…