16 Aug Video: Use Negative Dehaze Creatively in Capture One to create a soft light effect

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

In this video, I show you some tips on how to use the Dehaze tool creatively in Capture One. By using a negative amount on Capture One’s dehaze slider and by tweaking the colour, I created a soft light effect.

I actually came up with the idea for this tip accidentally. I was playing around with one of my recent photos in Capture One, and I was trying a negative dehaze effect to see what the result would be. Initially, it wasn’t anything special, but by playing around with the shadow tone colour picker I was able to get wildly different results.

Capture One’s dehaze tool is a little different from Lightroom and Photoshop’s. It comes with an additional control to balance the shadows that can sometimes get tinted with a dehaze effect. It’s normally used for correction, but when using a negative dehaze amount, using the shadow tone colour picker, allows you to achieve a really interesting effect. You can combine it with other tools too for even more creativity. In the video above, I used the effect on a layer and combined it with a radial gradient and a luminance mask to create a soft light effect, or soft sun like flare.

With this technique as inspiration, you may find lots of other uses for Dehaze in a way that it wasn’t really intended for. The addition of the shadow tone correction colour picker opens up a wide range of possibilities. My only wish

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