28 Feb Video: Use Lightroom like a Virtual Film Enlarger – An Alternative to Cropping

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

A while ago a reader sent me in a rather interesting tip and I wanted to share it. It’s actually something that never occurred to me. When they wanted to re-frame an image in Lightroom, instead of using the crop tool, they used the transform adjustments. In essence they were mimicking the way a film enlarger would work.

Instead of using the crop tool, you can scale the image by using the “scale” slider in the transform controls. You can then pan the image left and right, up and down using the offset sliders. While there isn’t a huge practical benefit from doing this over just using the crop tool, it does mean that your image would maintain resolution. When you crop, your photo drops to the dimensions that you crop it too, but with this method it should stay the same as the original. Again, I don’t know if there is a huge practical benefit to this, but I thought it was an interesting alternative and worth sharing.

I am curious to know if this would make a difference when printing, but my printer is currently out of ink.

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