11 Mar VIDEO: Rockhopper of Percuel Part One: A TYPICAL DAY

Source: Maclean Photographic

Sunrise in the North Sea – Fujifilm X-H1 + XF10-24mm f4After the first teaser video for the new series of features on the Rockhopper of Percuel, a fishing boat working out of Dunbar Harbour was posted last week, I have put the final touches to the first part of the series.  This is a three minute video entitled ‘A Typical Day’. I went out on Friday with skipper Barry Brunton to film a typical day onboard the Rockhopper.  I was filming and photographing using two Fujifilm X-H1s and two GoPro Hero 5 cameras.

The day started at 5:30am and we headed out just as the light was breaking on the horizon.  We are treated to a fabulous sunrise as Barry deployed the net for the first tow of the day.

At 10am the net was brought back in but the tide and the wind had shifted meaning the sea had started to get a bit choppy.  Barry decided that it was a bit risky doing a second tow in the 32 foot Rockhopper and he decided to head back to Dunbar Harbour with a small catch of prawns.

The next video in the series will be posted next month in April…


VIDEO: Rockhopper of Percuel Part One: A TYPICAL DAY posted on Maclean Photographic on .

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