11 May VIDEO PROJECTS WITH THE FUJI X PRO 2I recently finished up a…

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I recently finished up a pretty big shoot, whereupon, I rented a couple of Sony A6500’s for shooting 4k, and used my Fuji X Pro 2 to shoot b-roll at 60fps for slo-motion footage. This project wasn’t being presented for playback in 4k, so the entire edit was a 4k to 2k timeline. What really surprised me was how well the Fuji X Pro 2 footage looked against the A6500’s down-rez 1080p image, in many cases, it looked better than the Sony!

The lens used were also a surprising factor, on the Sony’s were two Zeiss Milvus Lenses, a 21mm f2.8, and a 50mm f1.4, both extradinary pieces of glass! On the X Pro 2 was one of my favorite lenses, a Mamiya Sekor 55mm f1.8. This is an old lens that is fully manual, and the video image quality it produces is impressive!

Have a look for yourselves, and you tell me, are all these so called reviewers correct in stating the X Pro 2’s video quality isn’t something you should consider when buying this camera? Now, I’m not arguing that the 1080p image out of the X Pro 2 is going to compare to a 4k image, but it certainly will compare if you’re down-resing that 4k footage to a 1080p timeline for your edit, which is a very common editing scenario.

4k is still not the standard end product delivery. Here in the United States, we still don’t…

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