06 Feb Video: How to share projects between Lightroom and Capture One

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

One of my Patreons (is that a word?) wanted to know if there was a workflow to rate and sort your photos in Lightroom and do your editing in Capture One. So I made a video to show you my workflow for doing this.

Sharing a project between applications is actually pretty easy and I do it a lot. Basically, you tell Lightroom to sync metadata to disk, and then once you’ve rated in Lightroom, you import the same folder of images into Capture One, making sure to reference the folder rather than importing it into your catalogue. Once you’ve made your edits, use a process recipe set to export to the same folder. By using the same folder, you can re-import back to Lightroom by using the synchronise folder command in the library module.

There are lots of different ways to work with both applications of course and this is just one. In the comments on YouTube for this video, some people suggested it would be easier to use a session, but I prefer to use a catalogue rather than having lots of session folders on my disk, but that’s my preference. I also think this is useful for people who are starting out in Capture One or are transitioning and don’t want to move to it fully. This way you can work in both. I think most people who are new to Capture One might not be aware of the sessions feature, and that’s another reason I chose not to

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