25 Mar Video: How to improve Capture One’s Preview Quality

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

I had blogged about this issue back in 2017, and as its still something that is present to some extent in the Capture One 12, I thought that I would revisit the fix I use for this. So rather than re-do the blog post I thought I would do it as a video. Basically, the issue with the way Capture One renders its previews is that it doesn’t render certain things properly, and in some cases the preview an be quite soft. I came up with a way to use recipe proofing to generate a more representative preview and in this video I show you how to do this…

This may come across as something pretty geeky, but it’s actually really useful. When you use recipe proofing this way, it will give you a better representation of the final file than even most other software does, because it’s actually rendering it out each time. It will even preview things like colour space conversions and compression, but in this video I just show yo how to use it to get a better screen preview…

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