07 Jan Video: Customising the Capture One Interface

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

One of the really useful features of Capture One is that you can completely customise the interface. This ranges from simple things like changing the tool bar, and re-ordering tools, to creating your own tool tabs and workspaces. In this video we look at the many ways you can customise the Capture One interface, and create a custom tool tab to make it easier for someone switching from Lightroom.

If you go to the video on YouTube I have a set of time stamps in the description if you want to jump to a specific location.

It’s actually incredibly flexible what you can do with the interface, so I’m sure I’ve probably missed a few things too. If you think of something, let me know in the comments.

If you find this useful, I have a growing playlist of Capture One videos on YouTube. I also have some premium style packs available if you want to check those out.

If you don’t already have Capture One, you can get it here (and I get a little commission if you buy through this link which helps keep this site going)

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