05 Aug VIDEO: Bass Rock Landing 2016

While on Bass Rock on Tuesday I shot some video clips as well as stills during my three hours on the island.  I shot the video using both my X-T2 and X-Pro2, plus I used my new iPhone 6S Plus.  While the X-T2 and iPhone are both capable of shooting 4K, I shot the video clips in 1080P to keep the consistency across the three devices.

The clips were edited in iMovie and the music obtained from freemusicarchive.org and is a track entitled ‘Surface Tension’ by a group called ‘A Ninja Slob Drew Me’.

Here is the short video which gives anyone who has never visited Bass Rock a good idea of the natural spectacle that we have here in East Lothian and why people from all over the world travel here just to witness the gannets of Bass Rock.