16 May Victoria Lindsay Coutts ~ One light portraits

Source: Pro Photo Nut

I shot these portraits of Victoria Lindsay Coutts with just one light in my studio and one flash on location. I had a couple of hours to shoot with local model Victoria who is more or less my neighbour. We were scheduled to shoot with a 1:1 photography client who happened to be taken ill on the day. Vicki Waghorn had already done her magic with Victoria’s makeup so I said let’s shoot a few frames for ourselves. These were all taken on my Fujifilm GFX50s with either the 63mm or the 32-64mm lenses. I’m still learning the characteristics of these lenses hence the swapping.

01. I used a shower cap on a cheap Ebay beauty dish for this frame. The mood I set was “I’m with the band” timeless music fashion. I posed Victoria to create the ‘V’ and diagonals with her legs.

02. I explored camera angles shooting from below and above Victorias eye level. Although I’ve shot with Victoria many times over the past 5 years or so I have still a lot to learn about light shapes and angles when photographing her. I find this process exciting. Not having a client meant I could explore a bit and not be scared of making mistakes.

03. I rarely shoot with such one dimensional light and it’s interesting for me to find out why. I happen to like this shot a lot but I know it’s not me, it’s not my style.

04. I asked Vicki Waghorn for angry hair and I got it.

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