19 Jun Venturing into Bihar with my X-Pro2 – Part 3

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Thanks for checking back for the third and final installment from my adventures into Bihar. In case you missed the previous posts from this series, check Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

If there was a concept through which I could describe Patna, it wold be the concept of cleansing. An all too familiar line of thought considering the vernacular of our present government. But what does make a country if not for it’s people and how they spend their days? So there it is. Cleaning of the streets to a lack thereof. A cleanup of corruption and a lack thereof. An attempt at cleansing of the soul from sins in the Ganges to failure thereof. Well, what do you want to clean today?

On the technical side, the high frame rate and buffer performance of the X-Pro2 helped me get quite a few moments with a sense of surety and confidence. On the flip side, the super bright Indian sun is still no match for the optical viewfinder but not a deal breaker though. But I wish the text and lines were brighter….

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