14 Feb Venice Carnival ~ Fujilove workshop in 62 pictures

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Event: Fujilove Venice Carnival workshop 2016
Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro2 (pre production)
Lenses: XF 16mm, XF 23mm, XF 35mm f/1.4 and the XF 50-140mm
Unmasked models: Allesandria and Allesandria
Outside lighting: Cactus RF60 Speedlight and Cactus V6 transmitter
Interior lighting: Lupo 1000 LED and Lupo 650 LED spotlights

My Strategy: Tomasz  from Fujilove invited me to be part of his workshop and I said, “If I am going to be involved in this workshop I need to make my mark on the genre and bring in my own lighting and creative style to the Venice Carnival.”  Tomasz agreed and we partnered up as tutors.

The task: The Venice carnival is a hugely popular photographic subject among professionals and amateur photographers alike. Our eleven workshop attendees, from around the world, were of all technical ability levels from absolute beginner to very advanced. I had just one day with a professional unmasked model to get the group up to speed with off camera flash ahead of our first early morning shoot with the carnival models.

01. The shot on the right of Allesandra in the fog was the first one that we took as a group. I explained how to set the Fuji cameras up to preview the manual exposure then showed how to finely set the ambient look. The is no one correct exposure. It’s a case of decide on the look that you like and go with it. Once this was set we added flash to taste. Nothing is simpler than using the Cactus system with and…

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