11 Feb Venice, a tourists view with the X-Pro2

Source: Pro Photo Nut

These 60 images of Venice were mainly shot over the two days I had off following my recent assignment. I was invited to Venice as a co tutor on a four day workshop with Tomasz from FujiLove. Our primary objective was to capture the carnival masquerade and I was on hand to provide a lighting twist to an otherwise very well covered subject. I will reveal my take on the Venice carnival in my next blog post. For now kick back, pour a glass of Prosecco and immerse yourself in the colours and style of Venice.

01. This is one of the first views I got of Venice taken from my boat en-route from Marco Polo airport. The hazy morning sun gave a wonderful depth to this image that I captured with the 50-140mm f/2.8 lens on the X-Pro2 in Pro Neg S mode.

Although I’ve been to Venice before I had previously avoided the San Marco area because of the crowds. This time Venice was relatively quiet and it was a joy to take in the architecture and Venetian style. Here are a few snapshots of my observations.

02. The top picture is the classic view of the Campanile and Palazzo Ducale as seen from the water bus. The Lion with wings (bottom left) is the heraldic symbol of Venice and can be seen throughout the city. This Lion carving is above the Porta della carta, the main entrance into the Palazzo Ducale and dates from the 15th century. I felt the scene bottom right…

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