19 May #vanlife

Photographers rarely make a good living these days I feel- but I do believe they can make a great lifestyle instead. It’s the grey elephant in the room where most never tell the truth about the industry and the expectations to match others low rates. But what if freedom and time were the hourly rate?

It’s a hustle 24/7 for most as a working photographer, with me included, but maybe it’s my age- as I care less about fame and fortune these days. I’ve accepted the direction of the industry and it’s OK, because for my hard work I get some time and freedom. Freedom and time is worth more to me than any multi figured salary so I focus on this as my riches for working so hard as a small independent shooter. What I care most about in life is that my family are well, happy and have a roof over their heads- and doing what I love. Freedom and time allow me to focus on what matters.

Sure, I love photography. Hell, I adore it! It has taken me places, helped me grow, paid bills and more, but it’s the exploration outdoors with the camera that I first fell in love with. I started out as a trail/ mountain running photographer and here I am some 7 years later shooting more and more of exactly that again. This time round though it’s on my own terms as a brand over at GOOD PEOPLE RUN with the brief being what…