03 Feb Vancouver Street Photography Workshop

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography


There is nothing better than the moment in your professional life where two passions merge together.  For me, those two passions are street photography and education.

Everyone who reads this blog, or follows me on Instagram, knows how much I enjoy street photography.   I love the process of shooting on the street, I love the people I meet, I love the resulting images, and I love how it always makes me a better photographer and artist.

I also love teaching, which I have done for twenty years up to and including at the college level.  Multiple diplomas in Adult Education and Curriculum Design, plus thousands of hours in the classroom, have provided me with so many incredible moments and memories.

I spent much of last year studying the photography education landscape, speaking with highly respected peers who provide photography education and taking the time to develop a street photography workshop that will allow me to share my experience, both as a photographer and as an educator, with my students.  I am excited to now be rolling these workshops out in several different cities over 2017, starting with two workshops in Vancouver on the following dates:

June 2-4, 2017 August 11-13, 2017

My goal with these 2.5 day / 20 hour workshops is to help you find your own vision as a street photographer.  I don’t want to teach you to make images like I make them (no instructor should want that), but instead want to give you the tools to make the images…

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