01 Sep Using the X-Pro2 for macro work | Discreet Photon

At first, the X-Pro2 wouldn’t be the first choice for the macro shooter. Extreme parallax at macro distances renders the optical viewfinder useless, and other users will berate the absence of screen that tilts. But there are a few features in the newest line of fuji cameras that may make you think twice before dismissing the X-Pro2 altogether. First up, weather sealing. Have you ever leant on your elbows in the grass to take a photo when it’s over twenty Celsius? It gets hot down there, and humid. That’s transpiration. It’s what you feel when plants breathe out. It’s reassuring to know that none of it will be fogging up your camera’s innards later. And yes, that has happened to me before. Then there is the other viewfinder option: EVF. There’s a huge difference in the way the EVF feels in the X-Pro2 to the majority of the models that came before it. It’s slick, it’s crisp, and it feels very responsive, due to a high refresh rate……..