30 Dec Using Filters: Neutral Density Filters

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We all have a differing views on what photography means. We each have different viewpoints, different styles, and agendas, but… we all use light. Whatever your end goals are, how effective you are at achieving them is linked to how well you understand and control the light you have to work, regardless if you are making or chasing it. This group of articles is about filters. It is going to be in 3 chapters defined by filter types. Part One: ND filters Part Two: ND Grad filters Part Three: An Overview Neutral Density Filters Most likely, if you’re looking at using an ‘ND’ or Neutral Density filter, you are thinking about long exposure photography. The fact that you are already using a Fujifilm camera is good as you are going to be able to shoot with longer shutter times than most brands natively from the camera. Most brands only give you a max shutter speed of 30 seconds from the camera settings, but all Fujifilm cameras will let you have anything up to one hour per exposure, so let’s get into what an ND filter does.

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