22 Aug Using filters for creative control

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I remember discovering filters for the first time. I’d read a couple of articles online that sparked my interest so after a quick look on eBay I picked up a couple of cheap screw in neutral density filters and headed to the coast (Seaton in Devon to be exact). After experimenting for a while I got the hang of using them and I really enjoyed the creative possibilities that they opened up for me. Fast forward a few years and I don’t leave home without a full set of filters as they are an essential part of my workflow for landscape photography for both film and digital.

I don’t use screw in filters any more, they don’t provide me with enough control and just aren’t very practical. I decided very quickly that a set of square filters and filter holder were what suited my needs best so after a bit of research I decided upon the LEE 100mm Filter System. As you can see in the photo below there are two types of filter that I use. These are neutral density filters and graduated neutral density filters. ND filters are used to reduce the amount of light that enters the lens across the whole of the frame reducing exposure equally and graduated neutral density filters are used to reduce the amount of light entering the lens over a specific area of the frame such as a bright sky during sunset. The sunset photo at the top of this page wouldn’t have been possible without a graduated filter or series of exposures combined in post processing without the loss of detail in the sky due to blown highlights.

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