18 Sep Up Where We Belong

Source: Little Big Travelling Camera

Or back where we belong. Another vacation in the South West of the USA. It is trip number five within six years! This time we started in San Francisco.

First I need to admit that I can’t keep up with my traveling. A couple of weeks ago I finished posting about my 2014 vacation in the USA. The first one where I took only Fuji mirrorless cameras because of two injuries. In 2015 I went to the USA too but this time with all my Canon full frame gear, a Sony A7R plus the Fuji X T-1 with the 14 and 27mm. I haven’t posted anything from this trip yet so I decided to skip it for now and post about this years vacation in the USA where I took nothing but Fuji again for a very simple reason. I sold my Canon gear before I went on the trip.

The complete list of what I took plus why I sold my Canon can be found here: http://www.littlebigtravelingcamera.com/?p=9279

But in short my new Fuji X Pro-2 replaced the X T-1 as the main camera and I sold my Fuji X Pro-1 right after my trip in 2014. Outdoors I shot mostly with the zooms. The XF 10-24 was mounted on the X Pro-2 and the XF 55-200 on the X T-1 most of the time. But when I planed to shoot mainly with the tele zoom I put that on the X Pro-2.

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