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It’s our last night in Broken Hill and the heavens have opened up with severe weather conditions including floods and thunderstorms that ended a day of gale force winds. For a long time I’ve wanted to travel on an adventure, out into the Australian Outback, with my trusted camera in hand, for opportunities of the ‘not so ordinary’ photographs.



As a professional photographer, I began my career as a Nikon user, and I still am on one hand (excuse the pun), however I like being untethered. So taking my DSLR out on the road for trips like this one, felt like a burden – not because of its ability to take beautiful photographs, but because of the size and weight of it, and also because of how much it draws attention. It wasn’t until last year when I did Project 23 with Fujifilm Australia using the X100S, that the seed was planted; that’s when I realised the potential of the Fujifilm mirrorless camera. I always wanted to have a camera that was small enough in my hand, yet capable and rugged enough to handle all shooting situations, especially when I’m on the road. So began my journey to find the right ‘partner’ in the perfect camera world.


We had planned a four-day road trip in early October from Melbourne to Broken Hill and the NSW Outback Desert. When Fujifilm announced the release of the X-Pro2 at the beginning of this year, I had my keen eyes set on it. However timing wise, the X-T2 was just released at the same time I was ready to buy a new camera, and right before I was leaving for the Outback Road Trip. So my decision was very hard. Weighing up the latest X-T2 against the X-Pro2 was an extremely difficult and time-consuming exercise for me. I did a lot of research online, talked to photographers who use the X-T1 and even rented the X-Pro2 for one day to see how I felt with it. But on D-Day, it mostly came down to personal preference: durability; the hybrid viewfinder on the X-Pro2 vs. EVF only on the X-T2; and just how good the Fujifilm X-Pro2 felt ergonomically in my hands. So X-Pro2 it was.



We stayed in Broken Hill for 4 days (inclusive of our 2 x 11 hour drives from/to Melbourne each way). There’s so much to see along the way, a 9-hour drive that became 11-12 hours because of the amount of times we stopped to take photographs. Conditions wise, just in those four days, we went through flash floodings, mini cyclones, thunderstorms and gale force winds including red dust storms. I couldn’t just sit inside the car and feel protective or scared of ruining my new X-Pro2, as much as instinctively I wanted to. There will be battle scars that my camera will earn and I’m ok with that.



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