03 Aug Unseen images (and video) of the Fuji X Passion printed magazine

Source: Fuji Love

Hello everyone!

Some of you have been asking if we replaced the Fuji X Passion magazine by the new Virtual Magazine. And the answer is no, not at all!

These are two different publications from Fuji X Passion, in every ways. While the PDF magazine gathers different kinds of articles, like photographic techniques, interviews, news and reviews, the paper magazine it’s in a completely different category.

The Fuji X Passion magazine is a photography book, printed on heavy matte paper. It’s about photographs and their authors, mainly focused on portfolios. And it’s exclusively available as printed magazine.

When we thought about publishing it as a paper magazine only, it was a tough decision… but we don’t regret it at all! The feedback as been 100% positive and the encouraging words made us realise that it couldn’t have been any other way.

Yes, ebooks are wonderful because you can carry them everywhere and comfortably read on your notebook, smartphone or tablet. But for trully appreciate Photography, there is nothing like the touch and smell of paper.

If you wish to know a bit more about the magazine, we present you some previously unreleased “making of” images.



Unseen images (and video) of the Fuji X Passion printed magazine posted on Fuji Love on .

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