24 Oct Tyler Grae – A whole story in a single moment

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Hi, I’m Tyler Grae. I’m a twenty-four year old, unemployed portrait photographer from north New Jersey. To be honest, I almost decided not to write this at all. Writing seems like such a hard means of communication when compared to the interpretive nature of photography. It’s particularly why I’m a photographer and not a writer. The images I’ve collected over the last few years have made a more articulate and emotional journal than I could ever hope to express in writing.

Why do I do it? How do I do it? What does it mean? I don’t have a clue. When I make a portrait of someone it’s like they’re trying to share their whole story in a single moment. Or I’m trying to share my whole story? Sorry, I can’t remember which. The truth is, nobody’s saying anything. A portrait captures a feeling with a bunch of shades of gray that doesn’t actually mean much. It’s just a nice way of expressing how I feel without ever having to talk about it. It says everything and nothing all at once.

When I started, I did it hoping that it might turn into a career. That was probably before I actually started to enjoy it – before I realized that it was paying itself off in satisfaction. The approval of some strangers money isn’t something I believe I’ll ever reach for. Even the word “approval” puts a bad taste in my mouth. I’m selfish about

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