30 Jul Two ways to Darken Shadows in Capture One

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

If you’ve switched from Lightroom to Capture One, one of the things that you may have noticed is different, is the way that Shadows and Highlights work. In Lightroom, you can drag the sliders either way for a positive or negative adjustment. In Capture One, they only go one way. Does this mean there is no way to negatively adjust shadows? No, there is actually a few different ways. Read on for how to do it …

For this trick to work you need the pro version of Capture One.

Use the Colour Balance tool

There are actually two ways of darkening the Shadows in Capture One. The first is to use the Shadow control on the colour balance tool. This will lower the black point and darken the lower portion of the histogram. This is probably fine for the most part, and seems to broadly match the results you get in Lightroom. Here’s a step by step set of instructions:

Go to the Colour tab Go to the Colour Balance Tool. Select the Shadow Tab (you can use the 3-way corrector either either) Drag the right hand slider down to lower the shadows Layers and a Luma Mask

This was the way I used to do this almost exclusively until I read something recently that led me to try another way. Someone on a DP Review forum was discussing my recent Capture One Fuji Gide, and they wondered why I didn’t include a tutorial for using layers and a luminance mask for adjusting the

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