21 Apr Two Quick Capture One Tips for Fuji Shooters

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Here are two quick tips for those working with Fuji Files and Capture One. The first is based on a question I got from a customer, regarding working with Jpeg files in Capture One. The second is about a quirk of the lens correction module and how to address it.

Working with Jpegs in Capture One

When I wrote my Fuji Jpeg book a few years ago, I didn’t include Capture One in it, as at the time, I felt that the majority of people who were using Capture One to process their Fuji Files were doing so to work with RAW files. However, since then Capture One has become more mainstream, and so now I can see people wanting to process Jpegs with it too.

In the next release of my Fuji Jpeg Guide I will include a full section on processing Jpeg files in Capture One too, but in the meantime, here is a quick guide to how I would go about sharpening Jpeg files.

For those who don’t have my Jpeg guide, in it, I suggest that it might be of value to turn down the in-camera sharpening and instead add sharpening in post-production, as it gives you more control. I won’t go into the full reasoning here, but that’s the gist of it. Anyway, if you do go with this approach, and you want to sharpen the Jpegs in Capture One, here are my suggestions:

First of all, you should only need a little sharpening. If you turn down the

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