07 Dec Two of my 365’s are coming to a close

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Holts Field Liverpool ( Weather Project)

Only about a month to go before my two black and white Instagram projects are finished. I have had a few people ask me what’s next ! The truth is I still have one 365 over on my colour Instagram account still active, but after doing three 365 projects over the course of 2020 its time to move on. I will finish my colour litter 365 later in 2021 but wont be starting any new black and white or colour 365 projects as they have run there course and they have given me what I needed.

Crossing at Lark Lane (Path Project)

I started the 365 projects as part of my Stroke Recovery to force me to carry on with my photography and not just give up. Its worked well because combined with getting Jake for company and to get me out of the house and carrying out these projects its kept my love of the craft alive.

Without the projects I would have still walked Jake at least 10,000 steps a day but I would have given up photography for sure. The projects have kept the mojo alive and given me a well needed creative outlet.

Keswick (Path Project)

I have however been really disappointed with Instagram they have made quite

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