19 Jan Two Months with the X100F

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I’ve had a copy of the x100F since early November. During that time I kind of made it my go to camera for just about anything and everything. From my more artistic professional shots, to travel, to basic family vacation images. This camera has been everywhere. From around my own home in Kentucky, to the Great Wall of China, to Disney World in Florida. I’ve thrown just about everything I could at this camera and it delivered wonderful results. If you’d like to learn more than keep scrolling down. I also have a preorder link at the end.

This past summer I had a copy of the X100T in my bag for a couple of months. It saw some use but not as much as my X-Pro2. I was drawn to the Pro2’s increase in resolution. When Fujifilm sent me a copy of thief upcoming x100F I was pleased to see it’s files coming in at the same 6000 x 4000 resolution as the T2 and Pro2 sensors. The larger battery was also a very welcome addition to the camera’s usability. Other additions to the camera was the inclusion of Fujifilm’s joystick seen on their latest flagship as well as a frontside dial. Also, just like the Pro2, the integrated ISO/shutter speed dial made for even more functionality. The first thing I noticed when I took the camera out of the box was that it felt… heftier. It felt like it grew up a little bit. Other than these physical additions and the buttons left of the LCD screen moved to the right to accommodate the joystick not much else had changed from the previous model. That’s a good thing. Why fix something that isn’t broken. I love the design of the X100 cameras. This one just feels like a nice evolutionary step. Something that I did not see present was 4k video. This probably has something to do with how heat is dispersed in the camera’s design. I’m not an engineer so I’m purely speculating here based off of what has been said about why the X-Pro2 doesn’t offer 4k recording. Let’s dig into the real reason you buy one of these devices… how well does it shoot?

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