12 Sep Two Months with the Fujifilm X100F Camera

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I’ve had a Fujifilm X100F camera for about two months. After the first month, I wrote this review, but now that I’ve become familiar with the camera, and comfortable with the way it works, I thought an update would be useful. So here are some thoughts on using this camera for two months, together with some of the photos I’ve taken.

I bought the X100F about a month after buying an Olympus Pen-F (my first impressions of that camera). I upgraded from an OM-D E-M10, and had been familiar with Olympus cameras for a long time, since back in the 1980s when I shot on Olympus film cameras. I wanted a second camera that worked differently, from a different manufacturer, and I liked the feature set in the X100F. (Amazon.com, Amazon UK)

It’s never easy adapting to a new camera system. The ergonomics are different, the controls are in different places, and the menus are organized and named differently. So it took a while to get used to the X100F, but not that long. The camera is comfortable and well-balanced, the controls are in easy reach, and once I wrapped my head around its logic, everything made sense.

The main advantage to the X100F is what many people would see as a disadvantage: the fact that the camera has a fixed lens. As I have written here, this can be liberating. The 23mm (35mm equivalent) lens on the X100F is very sharp, and is excellent for many types of photography. However, there were situations where the Pen-F was useful (see below).

I was initially quite smitten by the film simulations in the X100F. At first, I got used to the camera by shooting JPEG only. Here is one of the earliest photos are shot with this camera; it uses the Velvia film simulation (note that all photos here have been downsampled for web use):…

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