17 Aug Two Laws and a Rock

Traprain Law From the beach at Winterfield looking west along the coast across Belhaven Bay there are three distinctive landmarks.  Two are the hills at Traprain and North Berwick, known as Laws.  The lowland Scot definition of a Law is a conical hill that rises out of the landscape.

Both Traprain and North Berwick were sites of ancient forts due to their elevation above the landscapes and North Berwick Law was also used as a lookout post in the Napoleonic Wars and also as recently as World War II.

Bass Rock needs no introduction to the regulars readers of this blog and if the Bass was on land then it too would probably be described as a Law.  The fact that Traprain Law, North Berwick Law and Bass Rock are in a rough line north to south is also an interesting fact and probably has much to do with the ancient geology of this region of Scotland.

These images were taken from the edge of Belhaven Bay with the Fujifilm X-T2 and XF100-400mm lens.