11 Jun Two cups of coffee and natural light

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I give thanks every day since, in this life of troubles and commitments, I can carry out many activities that I am passionate about. In these quarantine times, these things are not present, it is a good time to value them and, when they come back, to enjoy them even more. Learn to focus our minds mind at that moment, be 100 per cent present, for example: many times we finish a coffee without feeling the taste, the aroma, because our thoughts lead us to worries. We see the empty cup and realize that we took it almost automatically. For that reason, the process of riding a motorcycle, taking photos, and having coffee with a friend is a time to stay focused and enjoy the whole process. It all starts more or less like this.

The first step is receiving or sending a message with more or less with this text “Are you awake?”, Followed by “Yes, where do I find you?”. That’s it, no more is needed. As I like to ride light, I take one body and one lens. If I carry the XF56mm f/1.2 and the weather is likely to rain, I also carry the XF50mm f/2, since if it rains, this lens is WR like the X-T1, 2 or 3 that will allow taking photos in the rain. Regarding the bodies, the only difference between the three cameras that I own is the focus speed, since the three X-Ts have a similar image quality. I am

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