10 Nov Trip to Patagonia, Argentina and Chile with the Fuji X-T2

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For 5 years, I’ve been trying a motorcycle trip from São Paulo, Brazil to Ushuaia, Argentina, but some unforeseen always happened: either my job or weather conditions, mechanical problems with my motorcycle, or just limited vacation time (12,000 km trip on a motorcycle is a lot).

Then, in October 2016, I decided to make this trip by flight. I planned also to visit El Calafate and El Chalten, in Argentina territory, and the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean territory.
As always in my trips, I stay in hostels and in Argentina and Chile have a lot of good hostels. If you have never experienced a hostel on a trip, you should try it at least once in life. It is an environment with people from all parts of the world, where all cultures blend harmoniously. At a time of growing intolerance in the world, it is invigorating to observe people from all countries in the world living in peace, no matter their roots, their religions or their social classes.

The Gears
I brought with me the Fuji X-T2, 3 batteries, and the lenses XF 10-24mm F4, XF 35mm F2, and XF 90mm F2, thus ensuring a set of useful focal lengths for a myriad of situations. Fuji cameras and their lenses are perfect for travel as they are small, lightweight and robust.
The landscapes we can see in Patagonia are wide, huge and impressive. It is relatively easy to find a good composition, with both a wide

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