18 Jul Trip to Leeds

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I have decided to do shorter blog posts and try and add more of my travel ! I hate writing being Dyslexic but have decided if I write more about my travel and write shorter blog posts  I might actually write more posts !

I travel quite a bit with my work in the UK and hardly ever blog about it, so decided to try and address that. I use the Rail network quite a bit and hardly ever talk about that or the Hotels I stay in and why ! So as well as boring you with my photography I might as well bore you with my travel.

When I book my trains I book at least 12 weeks in advance to take advantage of the cheaper rail fares, that way I can book a first class ticket for the price of standard and that for me makes all the difference to a busy train journey.   I will come on to how I book and what the advantages are in future posts.

I don’t always book hotels in advance and use a combination of Travelodge, Premier Inn and Booking.com I have been traveling the UK for work for over 10 years now so know some of the best and worst hotels and my bookings are based on location and best rooms for the price and how comfy the beds are. I probably wont include my Camper Van adventures as they are on Instagram as @Lighttravelerx but I will

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