21 Mar Travelling light and taking a break

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I was offline for much of last week as I was travelling for a few days across Europe with my wife for both business and a vacation. We started in Germany and then took the train to Brussels, before spending a few days off in Amsterdam for the weekend. I normally try to minimise the amount of gear I travel with when not specifically going for photography, and this time I decided to cut it right down.

For cameras, I only brought my little Canon G7XII and my iPhone. That’s it. I didn’t even bring my X-Pro 2. The reason for this is that I wanted to cut it down to the absolute minimum. If I had some telephoto lenses for my iPhone I’d probably have just relied on that. It wasn’t a trip to take photos and so I didn’t want to be lugging an extra bag around. I didn’t even take than many photos in the end and I enjoyed that fact very much.

As a photographer sometimes I feel like there is an expectation to be always “on”. When you’re travelling somewhere or are in certain situations you sometimes feel that you should be taking photos, even if you’re not in the mood. You almost feel like you’re betraying the art or the community if you don’t. However, sometimes, there is something to be said for taking time off.

A street in Amsterdam

While I love photography, and I love capturing beautiful scenes and beautiful light, sometimes its ….

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