24 Jul Trains and Accommodation

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Strange blog post I know but after traveling the UK from Glencoe to Brighton on the Train network you learn a few things about travel !

I think the rail network is great but its not run as well as it could be, its confusing from ticket purchase to the useless signs and train information boards and that stresses people out who are first time users and there are hundreds of people a day in that category as you can see from the stress and the sweat !

I have to say over the last 10 years I have only ever had one train cancelled and one really bad delay.  I did learn quite a bit from this and now travel to important Workshops or Events the day before and I always get at least two trains before the one I need so if there is a delay I will still be able to get the next train.

The worst part about train travel is the way the companies are underfunding the service and lack of cleanliness and the amount of carriages on a service. Virgin used to be really good but over the last year the carriages are filthy and even now stink as you get on the trains. Virgins service at the weekends is also now suffering from lack of drivers ! Trains are getting cancelled all the time for no train crew ! I have to say though they are one of the best services in

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