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One, very important job

The title and subtitle of today’s post refer to work of our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry. I will write about her work from my perspective, but be assured we all know what an important job she has right now, as the province struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have photographed Dr. Henry many times in my job with the Province of B.C. Making those images has been part of what I do, along with covering other government events, working on ad campaigns and occasionally travelling around the province with the Premier. In other words, I cross paths with Dr. Henry every few months. Something we acknowledged with a nod, a wave or a brief “hello.”

That as all changed with the arrival of COVID-19. I now see Dr. Henry multiple times a week, as I cover her updates for the media. There is nothing else for me to focus on, as our communications team works to echo her messages and keep citizens informed and reassured. The team is doing an incredible job and I attempt to help where I can, but photography has definitely taken a back seat to more important jobs.

As the pandemic threatens the province, the country and the world, the work of Dr. Henry, and her counterparts across Canada, is at the forefront of news headlines and she has become known to most British Columbians, as well as a global audience. They watch her calm, measure approach to informing

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