12 Jun Topaz Reinvented Themselves Whilst I wasn’t Looking

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Formby BeachFormby Beach, Fuji X-T3 with Fuji 55-200 lens at 55mm. Tripod mounted exposure of 1/4″ at f/13 and ISO160.

I started using Topaz a long time ago; probably around 2008 but my memory seems to be fading. At the time I was impressed and over the intervening years I purchased quite a few other Topaz plug-ins. I found Black and White Effects, Detail, DeNoise and Clarity particularly good and I loved the lifetime license model. Every time they launched a new version of a plugin, I had a free upgrade.

Then Topaz launched Topaz Studio and there was a shift in focus to AI or artificial intelligence. I found the plug-ins I loved replaced by new AI versions or consigned to the “legacy” bin. I tried the free (at the time) version of Studio but it seemed like a way of selling add on filters and most weren’t as good as the now legacy plug-ins. But it was trying the new AI versions of some plug-ins that finally made up my mind. AI was a marketing gimmick.

My negative view of AI was reinforced when I tested Gigapixel AI around 12 months ago and found it almost unusable. Despite this I continued to hear good things, and then Topaz released Gigapixel AI 4. I downloaded a trial version of the software and was blown away by my results. Here’s the article with

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